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Customize CRM Development Company

CRM Software Development Company In Delhi

SPG TECHNOLOGIES provides CRM where customer can easily manage company work and customer work by  Manage leads, Follow Up, Meetings ,Quotation, Order and delivery date, Invoicing, Target Vs Achievements,  


1) Target Vs Achievements - Admin can set the target of employee and CRM automatically calculates   the employee achievements and ranks.

2) Lead Managements - User can add there lead in CRM. in lead manage CRM provides facility to add customer information like name, mobile ,address etc and      there requirements.

3) Meeting/Followup Managements - User can manage there meetings . CRM automatically inform today's meeting/Followup , this week meeting and Followup etc.

4) Order Managements - User can received and deliver order. CRM show the complete track of order process

5) Invoice Managements- User can generate invoice on a single click on orders. CRM generate and print the INVOICE automatically.

6) Employee Reporting's -  CRM provide facility to submit daily work reports. admin and sub-admin and team leader can easily track the work reports of all employee.

7) Purchase Order managements - CRM provide facility to generate purchase order and send to vendors.

8) Purchase Managements - CRM provide facility to purchase item from vendors and keep the track of purchase.

9) Progress Reports - CRM generate graphical progress reports of company and employee.

10) Reminders  - CRM generate reminders of today's, tomorrow meeting and followup. unattended meetings and  followups

11) Robotics( Auto email and SMS) - CRM automatically email  employee work report,complains and payment reports to admin and there responsible employee. 

Custom CRM Software Development Company in Delhi

SPG Technologies CRM 99.9 % reduce the paper work of company. its automate the complete work process of a company. admin, sub admin can track the status of company and employee on single click. we have 1000+ satisfied customer within India and out side India. all of the customer happy after using the SPG technologies CRM. They easily manage the complete work process of company.  

CRM Software Company In Delhi

SPG Technologies provides cloud based, Intranet based, LAN based CRM. CRM can easily operate on any device like Mobile, PC, TAB etc. Also can access on any platform like Windows, APPLE and Linux. CRM easily access within company and out side the company by internet. CRM is 100% secure and safe.

CRM developed on MVC.Net and MS-SQL database. its fully safe and secure. no worry about data loss and hack. is a latest technology of MICROSOFT Company. that is fast and 100% safe and secure.



Customer can add enquiry, update meeting and quotation date. CRM automatically alert for today meeting, tomorrow meeting, this week meeting. user can see the report of won enquiry, loss enquiry and pending enquiry. etc....


Customer can generate quotation from enquiry. at the time of quotation generation CRM required some necessary inform like closer date of quotation, payments terms ,taxes details, service or products that required in quotation. etc...


User can received order by quotation on a single click. At the time of order receiving CRM required complete information of order like service or products, closer date of order, payments and etc....


CRM provide facility to generate purchase order and email the purchase order to selected vendors.


User can generate invoice on a single click on orders. Invoice number generate on the basis of financial year. when financial year change invoice number start with 1. Received advance payments against invoice. etc..


CRM generate the report of payment (payable and receivable). where customer can make the payment and receive the payment


User can received the product from vendor by the purchase module. Purchase module received goods on the basis of Purchase order. it not accept quantity more then Purchased order quantity of items.


User can submit there work reports. the work reports is visible to there head person, sub-admin and admin person. user can submit daily expenses and distance travel by them. user can upload documents if required. etc...


Admin can set the targets of users. CRM auto-calculate target vs achievements of the employee. CRM show top 10 RANK of users on there working panel, also show user rank list to admin according to there achievements. etc...